Tupperware Freedom Card Enrollment

Thank you for your interest in the Tupperware card!

All enrollments are easily completed on the Tupperware My Sales Web Application site. Simply click the button below and follow these instructions. You will receive you card number instantly so you can use it for your very next order and start earning extra Tupperware rewards faster!

  1. The link below will take you to "My Sales Web Application". Enter your Tupperware consultant ID and your Tupperware PIN.
  2. Click "Next" at the top right.
  3. Click on "Sales Force"
  4. Click on "My Profile"
  5. Click on "Payment Information"
  6. Then click on "Sign Up For Tupperware Card" to enroll
  7. Choose "Tupperware Check" or "Tupperware Prepaid Debit"

**NOTE: Once you enroll for the Tupperware Check card, you can use it immediately because it linked to your checking account.
You will receive the Tupperware Prepaid Debit card via mail within 2 weeks, along with activation instructions.